Hey…it’s May

Hey…it’s May

Monthly Focus: A party with a plan 

May kicks off months of parties and summer barbecues. Surprisingly, summer is one of the most difficult times for clients to stick with their new habits. (It is the season of rosé, after all.) We do a deep dive into summer planning during our sessions with clients. Here’s one quick tip: think most about what you want to have before the festivities start.

Therabody’s RecoveryTherm Cube 

Sore muscles are a pain—whether they hurt from an extra intense workout or even stress. This little portable device can instantly switch from hot to cold depending on your needs. Reduce inflammation and increase circulation all on-the-go.

Spring Onion Galette 

Spring onions are bright and sweet and big on flavor. They sit atop a creamy layer of cheeses and crispy pie dough. And while making the pie dough from scratch is lovely, you can absolutely use frozen pie dough from the store if you’re short on time. A large salad with a side of poached eggs makes this an ideal meal no matter the time of day.

Say Goodbye to Plastics 

Tiny plastic particles (known as microplastics) are pretty much everywhere—from our water and food to even the air we breathe. In a pre-clinical study, researchers found that these microplastics can migrate throughout the body, from the gut into the tissues of the kidney, liver and brain. While it’s nearly impossible to limit all plastic use, the next best thing is to try to limit consumption by carrying reusable bags or using plastic-free containers.

Madison James Flyaway Sticks

Bugs can quickly take away the joy of being outside. These flyaway sticks from Madison James have the most amazing scent of geranium, Texas cedar, and clove. They light just like incense, and you can pop them in the places in the backyard that the bugs love the most. One pack lasts for multiple seasons.
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