February Finds

February Finds

Monthly Focus: Social Media Detox

This may not be what you think. Next time you’re aimlessly scrolling on social, take a moment to recognize if the people or accounts you follow are helping you in any way. If not—it may be time for a purge. Bid adieu to the accounts that are detracting from your happiness.


Juniper Lavender Chocolate

At FORME, we know our chocolate because we are obsessed with it. Ritual’s bars are crafted from organic, sustainably sourced cacao beans in playfully concocted flavors like berries and bubbly, s’mores, and our favorite—juniper lavender. Try some in the afternoon as a pick-me-up with a handful of pistachios.


ACV Bubble Water

We love the blood-stabilizing benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV), but the taste, not so much. Many health practitioners suggest having ACV alone, as a straight-shot, but this is a sophisticated, refreshing and delicious alternative. Luxardo cherry syrup lends a touch of sweetness to balance the acidity.


The Vitamin You Should Be Taking

Vitamin D is a regulator of calcium and bone metabolism. It offers potential therapeutic benefits for autoimmune diseases and viral respiratory infections. It may also aid in weight loss and alleviate symptoms of depression. These are all pretty great reasons why you should be taking a vitamin D supplement. Choose a liquid, oil-based one for best absorption, and take it in the morning. A daily dose of 2,000 IUs is a good place to start.


Manifest by Roxie Nafousi

Even though we’re already into the second month of the new year, it’s never too late for self-reflection and goal setting. While seemingly simple, this book serves as a guide for visualization, banishing self-doubt, fostering gratitude, and trusting in your divine purpose. We think it is an incredible tool for reaching your goals and creating lasting change.

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